Frequently Asked Questions

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Hydrophobic is a really long word that means the surface repels water. It’s one of those words people like to use to make themselves feel they know more than you! At Newcoat, we like to say Water repellent. Everyone knows what that means!

Your dealer or automotive professional will apply the Newcoat for you. It’s a 2-coat system with the base coat being the most important. Honestly. It's your new car. Spend your time driving it and let the dealer do the work!

Use our Newcoat Auto+Aid car wash system. It’s amazing!! Car washing will take only a fraction of the time you would expect, and you probably won’t even need to get the hose out! Avoid using abrasives or cutting agents.

As long as you own your car up to 5 years. If you own it longer than that, give us a call and we will arrange to inspect and most likely extend the warranty

Yes, you can, and yes you should. Use the bare minimum of detergent. Microfibre cloths will release dirt with rinsing and a little bit of agitation.

If there is a lot of moisture in the car, it's difficult to stop fogging. Clean your interior glass and mirrors with Auto+Aid Anti-fog Glass Cleaner which leaves a fine anti fog coating.

Auto+Aid Dashboard Restorer will make your dashboard look fresh and black again. It even helps disguise scratches.

Leather is a skin. Imagine if you left your mother-in-law in your hot car all day without hydrating her. Her skin would look like worn out old leather. You don’t want to sit on your mother-in-law do you? Use Auto+Aid Leather Conditioner regularly to keep your leather upholstery soft, supple and nourished.

Using the Auto+Aid Waterless Car Wash system means you are not washing chemicals down the drain and you should always avoid contaminating waterways.

Our Ceramic coatings are much the same as paint, they can be harmful in their liquid form, but once it’s dried on the surface it is considered a non-hazardous material.

No ecological problems are expected to occur when any of the Auto+Aid products are handled and used with due care and attention.

For more information on specific kit contents, please see the Safety Data information on this website. If you’re still unsure, call our Customer Assistance Team.

Once you’ve tried Auto+Aid Waterless Car Wash, you won’t want use anything else. We believe our Auto+Aid products are the quickest and easiest way to wash your car. If you want to use a hose, bucket and sponge, our Repellent Shampoo is the product for this.

Who told you that!! It’s a nice idea that won’t work … completely. However, if you hose the car, give it a quick spray with Auto+Aid Waterless Car Wash, then dry your car off with a Microfiber Dry Towel – that will do the trick.

Usually, reapplication is covered by your insurer. They may need proof of purchase of Auto+Aid as evidence. Get your repairer to call our Customer Assistance Team. We’ll help you.

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