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  • Keeping vehicles cleaner for longer

  • Plastic - Glass - Paint - Tyres - Wheels

Keeping vehicles cleaner for longer

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Plastic - Glass - Paint - Tyres - Wheels

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New Car? Newcoat! The ultimate in car care coatings

Brand new or new to you, Newcoat and Auto+Aid provide specially formulated car's products for detailing, cleaning, caring and washing so you can quickly and easily keep your car in showroom condition. Newcoat Ceramic Coating and the Auto+Aid System work together to give your vehicle a great look and it’s quite simply the fastest way to clean your car. 

Newcoat Ceramic Coating and The Auto+Aid Maintenance System

Newcoat’s 5+5 year peace of mind warranty. If you can’t remove dirt and stains from your paint, fabric or leather, Newcoat will assist with professional advice and assistance up to a value of $1,500 per event.

Newcoat Detailing and cleaning Service

Newcoat and Auto+Aid Advantages

Newcoat Ceramic Coating and the Auto+Aid Vehicle Detailing Kit changes the way people wash their cars. Newcoat helps you get your weekend back!

Newcoat is not just a paint coating system, it is a total maintenance solution for all surfaces of the vehicle: the paint, windows, tyres, wheels, headlights and trim. Even the leather, fabric and vinyl. Newcoat has all kind of products that improve your car detailing and cleaning service. Once your warranty is registered, all questions and concerns are handled directly by us here at Newcoat.

Paint Care

Easy and maintainable Paint Care
Premium grade Ceramic Coating
Longer lasting coat

Newcoat Ceramic Coating is a two-coat high spec ceramic system that permanently bonds to your vehicles paint by quite literally wrapping it in a layer of Ceramic Glass, giving you the same effect on your car as Non-Stick does on frying pans!

It enhances your vehicles looks with a high gloss finish and prevents dirt permanently sticking to it, making it a breeze to clean. Road film, bird droppings, tree sap, pollen and other environmental contaminants will not penetrate Newcoat to cause permanent damage.

Glass Care

Repels water, stains, and dirt
Sparkling clear windscreen
Preserve glass integrity
Streak-Free formula

Auto+Aid Windscreen Water Repellent coating repels rain as you drive for crystal clear vision in any weather. Raindrops will scatter into tiny droplets and be blown off your windscreen as you drive so you can focus on the road ahead.

In heavy rain, Auto+Aid Windscreen Water Repellent coating enhances the efficiency of your wipers leaving a clean sweep every time. Bug splatter is reduced, and windscreens will clean effortlessly.

Car Windscreen Water Repellent

Fabric Care

Repels dirt and stains
Prevents dirt and stains becoming permanent
Makes your fabric easier to clean
Specially formulated for automotive fabrics

Auto+Aid Fabric Stain Repellent will keep your vehicles carpets and fabric cleaner for longer by actively repelling dirt and stains.

Stain residues will now sit on the fibres and not soak in meaning you can easily and effectively remove them. Any stains not easily removed are covered by the Newcoat warranty.

Leather Care

Easy and maintainable Leather Care
Cleans and protects
Enhances leather softness & suppleness
Works on all leather colours

Leather is a skin and as a natural product needs to be moisturised to maintain that soft luxurious feel. Auto+Aid Leather Conditioner will do just that and leave a fine finish on the leather to guard against spills and staining.

Caring for leather is simple with this easy to apply cream. Apply every 6 months for best effect. Your leather will be covered by the Newcoat warranty against stains and spills.

Why Choose Us?

Brand new or new to you, Newcoat and Auto+Aid jointly offer products that improve your car detailing arsenal. keep your car in brand new condition with excellent car caring products. Newcoat Ceramic Coating and the Auto+Aid System work together giving you great looks and it’s quite simply the fastest way to clean your car. Showroom shine – every time!

Eco-friendlyNewcoat International creates products that conserve water usage and minimise waste-water run off.

AffordableNewcoat's cost effective, quality care products help you to take the best care of your vehicle.

Easy-to-useNewcoat's products are designed to work efficiently and minimise your time spent cleaning.

Long-lastingNewcoat's products help preserve your vehicle's appearance and maintain it's shine.

Interested in joining us as a partner?

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