The Newcoat Way

Our Business

  1. We grow our business in ways that makes us proud.
  2. We are in competition with no-one. We are so good; others cannot compete with us.
  3. We will always be greater than the sum of our individual products and people.
  4. We are international in size, local in knowledge and relationships.
  5. We strive to step lightly on the environment and help others do that too.

Our People

  1. Our team has the best people, doing the best they can, at what they are best at.
  2. No one person’s job is more important than anyone else’s.
  3. Everyone’s job is to make everyone else’s job easier.
  4. We develop relationships that make a positive difference.
  5. We work really hard, we are calm, we laugh a lot, we play, and we swear a bit.

Our Clients and Customers

  1. We have a win-win attitude. A win for the customer/client, win for us.
  2. Kindness first, always.
  3. The client or customer may not always be right, but we are problem solvers with all client and customer issues.
  4. We seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  5. We earn, encourage, and will share, positive client and customer feedback.

Our Products and Offerings

  1. We always make our products easy to find, easy to use, and easy to replace.
  2. We are always looking, listening, assessing, learning and developing our products and offerings.
  3. We view warranty claims as opportunities to help people and to learn.
  4. Our products help people get their weekend back.
  5. Our kits deliver more than expected.

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