Pride and Joy Series – Barry, Jag Driver

We sat down with Barry to ask him about his Newcoat experience.

What is your background?
I’ve been in the Electronic Security industry for around 15 years providing Project Management and Product Experience services. Over most of this time I have used company provided vehicles and it’s only been in the last 4 years that I have owned my own car. 

Why that car?
I have always dreamed of owning a Jaguar XE and had been looking at them on Trademe nearly every day for around 2 years. I was very fortunate that my current car came up for purchase when I had just gotten into the financial position to afford one - It’s like the stars aligned. My car is a “top of the line” XE S model and VERY much my pride and joy.

How do you use your car in normal circumstances?
It’s my daily drive to and from work & shops etc. I absolutely love driving this car and will jump at the chance to get behind the wheel at any given opportunity.

What problems have you had before that you were you trying to solve?
I have never enjoyed washing cars and certainly never been one to go into polishing or waxing, and my previous car suffered for it. The paintwork looked older than it should and even the smallest of scratches showed up easily.

How was the problem affecting you?
Just finding the time and motivation to wash the car when you have a busy lifestyle is difficult. I would neglect this and leave washing the car for up to a few months, and mostly only using Petrol station car washes.

What possible solutions did you consider?
I did consider having my previous car professionally cleaned and detailed but couldn’t really justify spending lots of money on something that wouldn’t last very long.

Have you had ceramic coatings before?
No, I have never had a ceramic coat before.

Why did you choose Newcoat?
A friend of mine suggested Newcoat when they heard I was buying my new car. I contacted Newcoat and spoke to them about the ceramic coating. From Adrian’s explanation and passion in conveying how it all worked I was convinced that the product was right for me

What do you like most?
I was very surprised and impressed with how easy the coating was applied by their valet guy. I also love the way water just beads and dissipates on the windscreen (and in general). It’s amazing when you are driving along the motorway around 80Kmph in the rain and not having to turn the wipers on at all. Even more surprising when everyone around you seems to have their wipers going flat out 😊  

What do you like about the Vehicle Detailing Kit?
The Vehicle detailing kit is an awesome added extra. Everything you ever needed to keep your car clean, protected and looking in tip top shape. The cream on the top is the bag that the kit comes in. It’s high quality, tough and well made, and survives being thrown around in the boot of the car.

What did you notice right away/after a few months?
Immediately you notice the increase in shine and colour depth and the reflection that you get from everything around the car. It’s amazing. After a few months the shine is still there after cleaning and drying. It’s like having a new car every time I wash it.

What would have happened if you had not chosen Newcoat?
I probably would have gone online and researched other coating solutions.

What risks did you consider/what reservations did you have?
I was initially worried about what the outcome would be and whether I had made the right decision. I didn’t know much about ceramic coatings. But in talking to Adrian and actually seeing the result as it happened (removing polish) those fears were quickly squashed.

What are the measurable benefits you’ve seen?
Front and centre it’s certainly easier and quicker to clean than any car I have ever had before. Effortless really, and even driving in a good rain shower removes surface dirt.

What would you say to someone considering Newcoat?
Absolutely do it! It is well worth it. Saves you time and effort and will make your car stand out.

From what I have seen and heard other coating systems are nowhere as easy for professionals to apply and maintain than Newcoat is, making it a no brainer as far as I am concerned. If you have car that you love, and want to keep it looking great, get a Newcoat ceramic coat on it.


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