Paul T - MX 5 Driver, Retired Medic

I’m a newly retired medic who, after a career of driving ambulances and other work vehicles – often with urgency, I now simply enjoying the pleasures of driving. We joined the MX5 club because it’s members are likeminded people who also enjoy driving. The MX5 is a sporty two-seater rear wheel drive car that’s a joy to drive but it doesn't come with a huge price tag. The New Zealand back roads are just great for this sporty little car made even better with the top down.  Whether out with just me and my lovely wife or we join up with other members of the club the trips are fantastic, and the driving is fun.

Driving an MX5 is not just having a vehicle to get to a destination, the drive itself becomes part of joy. As a club, all the members put pride in their cars.   Some put more time and money into having the correct tyres or engine accessories, however, one thing we all have in common -  we all really relish our cars.

The other thing we all seem to have in common is good presentation of our cars, and a friend suggested I look at this (Newcoat) if that's what I was going for – good presentation, and easy to clean.  I might be retired now, but there’s a lot of things I want to do. I don’t want to spend time meticulously cleaning and polishing my car, I just want it to look great, get in and get driving,  and with Newcoat I can.

One thing I like about Newcoat is that it comes as a complete kit - not just a polish.  I was having to go back to the shop to buy a wheel cleaner, tire cleaner, upholstery cleaner or dashboard cleaner and protector with the Newcoat, I’ve got the complete kit - everything I’ll ever need, or ever want again, to keep the car in that new showroom look.  Before Newcoat, I had all these different products, which I usually had in a box on the garage.  They came for all different manufacturers. The Newcoat all comes as one, in the kit bag – and it does your whole car.  

Without a doubt, it takes much less time and effort to clean the car. I love the waterless wash, because you put it on quickly, and just a quick wipe and buff with the cloths and you’re done!  And yes the dry cloths come with the care kit - just a quick spray, a quick buff with the dry cloth and bingo, one very shining car.  Mag wheels can make a good car look great but I was having to buy mag wheel cleaner, and still scrub and clean to make them look good, now with the Newcoat wheel cleaner just let them soak and then hose it down, gleaming mags, just so  easy to clean.  I save so much time and energy.

In contrast my MX5 is so much easier to clean than my wife’s car - from the wheels and paint work to the interior.  It’s a very good comparison - her Holden hasn't had the Newcoat treatment.  We’ve had it since new and when I polish it looks nice, but it doesn’t sort of standout not like my lustrous  2012 MX5 -  not even close! Even when we polished the Holden with a commercial polish, we still never really get that bright shiny new car look. That's interesting because it’s about the same color as the MX5 but six years newer, so it's not the car, it's definitely the Newcoat.

 Whatever you spend on your car it will increase the value by at least that amount. My MX5 really does look like new, some of my friends think it’s a much newer model than it is because it looks so good.   I think people should definitely consider Newcoat, especially if they’ve have had a competitor’s product but not been impressed. Once they have had Newcoat they won’t buy any car paint products again - Newcoat really is worth a try, it’s simply brilliant. I would definitely recommend that anyone - new car, or in my case, a used car, get Newcoat because it does make so much difference. It makes it easy to clean, and when you do wash it, it always comes up brilliant every time.


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