Rod J - Hybrid Driver, McLaren Enthusiast

Rod J - Hybrid Driver, McLaren Enthusiast

If there’s one thing you notice about Rod, it’s that he’s always got a clean and tidy car.  He likes to be seen driving a nice car when out on the road. Rod says that he had always been trained by his father to have a clean car and he’s always tried to keep a clean car because of that upbringing. Rod’s motor racing interests are orientated around the NZ McLaren family, and he’s refurbishing an old McLaren Formula One car in his spare time.  Rod operates his own business and is very active in sailing – so spare time is precious.

When Rod purchased his second hybrid car, a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the colour choices were red and black.  Rod says he hates watermarks, so black was not a great option, and he also says red paint often oxidizes badly.  Having tried paint protection products before, Rod knew that a coating might assist with any issues with the glazing and enhance the life of the clear coat paintwork. “We haven't got a garage so unfortunately our car sits outside in the hot New Zealand sun all of the time and it's getting UV rays on it -  that was certainly part of our consideration - it's not fully protected like most cars are in garages.”

We asked Why Newcoat?

“We saw some other cars in the area that look pretty nice - always - and that was before we knew about Newcoat. I was talking to a friend who has Newcoat, and they were really impressed with it.  The simple decision was made. I chose Newcoat because my previous experience with other coating systems wasn't all that great, they marked and scratched when you clean them, and they became slightly off colored. I just didn't feel it was giving me the protection that I needed so it was quite exciting to see a newer product in the market and give it a try.  The benefits were clear – the look of the car, the free detailing kit, and the ability to use the dry, waterless, cleaning process that they have which is truly amazing. It really, really is amazing.”

Rod’s hybrid car charges from the solar panels on the house so using a waterless wash system aligns with his interest in being light on the planet. “In Auckland there's a rain drought. We've got a water tank and the water tank keeps on running dry, but I still like to clean my car!  We've got no water, I'm not allowed to use the hose, so I do a waterless clean.  

When I drop my son down at sailing, I've got a couple of hours to sit and wait. So, I clean the car -  it's really, really, cool!  I just park the car in a shady spot, let it cool down, and then clean the car with waterless wash which brings it up sparkling clean. It only takes a short while.  The detailing kit has everything I need, I don’t have to use any other companies’ products. If I hadn’t coated the vehicle, I'm sure (because it's a red vehicle) over period of time that there would have been discoloring in the color coat.”

Tell us about Watermarks, those pesky spots left when water dries on the car. They seem to be the bane of car care for so many drivers.  Why do you hate them and what did Newcoat do for you?

“Watermarks are a bloody annoying because on some paints they need to be polished out. It takes a lot of time and it’s expensive. You know Newcoat doesn't need polishing. It's amazing - blimey that dry waterless wash leaves no marks on your windows or anything.  Getting rid of water marks is one of the biggest benefits. They just don't exist anymore and you know you can let your car dry, and if  I have a few watermarks you just wash it the next time and the watermarks go away - it's really, really incredible. It's by far the best product I've seen for that, that's really big benefit”.

What would you say to someone considering getting Newcoat?

“I'd certainly have no hesitation in recommending Newcoat - there's only benefits. The cars are easy to clean, they don't scratch when you wipe them- even with the waterless wash. If you get any small marks, a little bit of a spray and wipe with the waterless wash they disappear.   I haven't had to ask a question about what polishes to use or anything like that because I haven't polished my car and I don’t need to polish my car.  That's a huge benefit, as you know polishing paints are a big issue and I know some polishes aren't good on paint as well but I've never felt that I need to polish my car which is really good.  I like it so much I’m getting my motorhome done next”.

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