Get ready for winter driving

Be more prepared for safe winter driving by ensuring your car is ready for the cold weather. No one wants to break down and walk home – these tips might help.

Getting into the car

Frozen locks – cover the key in hand sanitizer – the alcohol will melt the ice or heat the key with a lighter.

Stuck door rubbers – to avoid this, use cooking oil spray on the door rubbers which creates a shield that cannot freeze.


Inside the car

Windows – Make sure the defroster and fans work before winter. It will be easier if you clean your windows with Auto+Aid Anti-fog Glass Cleaner.

Heaters – Be certain the heaters work prior to winter.

Cell phone charger – Always plug your cell phone in when driving in the winter, that way you will not run out of battery quickly if you get stuck.

Lights – Check all interior and trunk/boot lights work.

Have an emergency kit - that contains gloves, socks for over your shoes, non-perishable snack, warm coat, flashlight, blanket, kitty litter, water, car phone charger, battery jumper leads. Instant hand warmers are a great thing to have if you get stuck. If you have small children (there’s possibly enough food under their car seats for a week) you will need to remember nappies and wipes, snacks
and drinks/bottles.


Outside the car

Paint and Glass Coating – Keep your car clean in winter. Newcoat’s Ceramic Coating will help keep your car cleaner for longer. The rain will wash it clean, and the mud and road film won’t stick enabling you to easily maintain your car.

Wipers – Ensure your wiper blades are in excellent condition and check the wash water. Prepare your windscreen with Auto+Aid Windscreen Water Repellent. To see how effective this is, click here.

When there will be a frost, put the wipers up off the windscreen overnight, and while you are at work in the day, so they do not freeze to the windscreen. If they are frozen to the windscreen, separate them by pouring some cold water on them. Do not use warm or hot water. Remember if you turn on the wipers that are stuck, this may blow the wiper motor or tear your wiper blades.

Tyres - check tyre pressure regularly, and consider winter grade tyres if you live where there’s ice or snow. Ensure your spare tyre is in good condition and has adequate tyre pressure. Make sure all your tyre changing kit is in the car, and in good condition. Put a picnic blanket or tarp on top of the spare tyre in the compartment so you have something waterproof to put on the ground when
changing a tyre. Keep your wheels cleaner and debris free with Auto+Aid Wheel Cleaner, and your tyres looking their best with Auto+Aid Long Life Tyre Dressing.

 Lights – check all light bulbs work, light covers are clear.


The Engine

Battery – Check for snug connections, corrosion, and fluid levels (if applicable).

Fuel - Keep gas tank at least half full.

Fluids – windscreen washer, oil, radiator.

Consider roadside assistance - if your vehicle doesn’t have a plan, consider joining AA

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