Debbie H - Competition Winner, Mum of 6 Girls

When Morrell Motors in Taupo launched Newcoat as their preferred car care product provider they decided to run a Facebook competition. Up for grabs was a Newcoat International Wax Infused Ceramic Coating, Auto+Aid Vehicle Detailing Kit, and Platinum Valet by Morrell Motors Ltd.   Debbie loves competitions, so she was in boots and all.

Debbie is a busy mum of 6 daughters.  She used to do a lot of volunteering in Taupo and has slowed that right down while her little girls are young. Debbie has a 10 seater Toyota  Hi-Ace Van  - she needed the room for when baby girl number 6 came into the world during Covid Lockdown Level 4! Debbie had upgraded from her trusty Honda Odyssey that she purchased through Morrell Motors in Taupo.  Being a mum of daughters, she always has her girl’s friends over so having 10 seats is so handy for her. 

We asked Debbie what made her enter the Morrell Motors competition.

“Who doesn't love a good competition right! And I must say I have been pretty lucky with my wins over the past few years.  This prize appealed to me though as I love my van and I wanted her to be pampered a little”. Debbie has a gravel driveway with some potholes, so her van often gets muddy. She was hoping to be able to keep her van cleaner and add back some of the shine it once had.

Debbie loves her cars to look good, and didn’t know Newcoat existed, so had only used washing and waxing before.  Debbie rallied 104 of her friends to help her win the competition! Without reservation she gave her van to Morrell Motors for the full valet service and Newcoat treatment.

Now Debbie can’t stop raving about Newcoat. You don’t have to look far on her Facebook page to see how much she loves Newcoat!  She says: 

“my van now stays cleaner for longer and is sooooo easy to wash! Literally a cloth and a hose does it most times. It’s unbelievable”.

“I honestly am So, so thankful, like look at that she's Soooooo beautiful now! What an amazing product Newcoat is! You guys are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!””

“Holy hecka I never thought washing my van by hand would be soooooo easy! The Newcoat ceramic coating I won is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! No scrubbing at all after nearly 3 weeks of road grime and dirtiness! I literally used a micro fibre cloth and cold water to wipe her down and washed off the dirt with the hose!!!!! I just was speechless! highly recommended!!”

Debbie loves Newcoat so much, she even cleaned her husband’s car with it.  No easy task given he’s a mechanic so it was a big job. "Gave my hubbies ute a Newcoat birthday today. It's sooooo handy being able to detail our own cars to such a high quality at home! I love these products!!!!"

What would Debbie say to someone considering Newcoat?

“Newcoat is an amazing product to bring your car back to its former glory. Bringing back the shine and giving it a mirror finish.  I absolutely love it.   The detailing kit is super handy you can clean your car just like it would get at a valet all at home in your own back yard.  It's easy to use and even my kids can use it! Bonus!! The ceramic coating on the windscreen is just mesmerising to watch when it rains. The water just literally runs off the screen”.  

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