An Interview with Dan McLaughlan – Haven Motors Nelson

How did you get involved with Newcoat?
In the past Haven Motors have been a bit weary of paint protection products, and had chosen not to be involved much, until now.  When we saw the Newcoat concept we were cautiously interested.  It seemed to offer more than we expected. We quietly asked around and found other dealers who were using Newcoat successfully, so we tested it on a few cars to get some staff and customer feedback. 

What did you like about Newcoat?
We let our groomers loose on it. The instructions in the Valet Kit were clear and easy to follow, (nice move with the chocolate in it), it was easy to put on, and as soon as he started the removal process, the shine started coming through. The shine didn’t come off, and he tried really hard to get it off (even using solvents and strong degreasers to test it).   The car was extremely easy to clean.  Even bug marks and the odd seagull mark seems to just wipe off.  The first thing we noticed was how the Newcoat made a brand-new car look better.  It was super shiny and had a glass coated look to it. 

We tested Newcoat on our own cars and have seen how much easier it makes them to clean.  It’s quite amazing really.  I have used every one of the products myself and found them all to be great.  From the tyre dressing to the glass cleaner.  My personal favourite is the Interior Cleaner.  This even removed my pre-schooler’s felt pen drawings off the couch!! That’s the good thing really, the kit products can be used for home or office too.

How did your customers react?
We offered it to a few clients as a test.  We didn’t want to oversell it and left it to them to give us feedback. Their feedback confirmed what we’d found ourselves.  We have our own way of doing things at Haven Motors and it’s not the hard sell.

We don’t want any customer feeling pressured to buy anything but once we show them what Newcoat does, and the Vehicle Detailing Kit they are keen to learn more. They feel like they’re getting much more for their money, with the variety of items in the kit – and the transferability of products to home use, in the same way I did.   

It helps that we have tested this ourselves and trust the brand so can talk from our own personal experience. Customers that come in thinking they might want Newcoat are easily assured – and they feel confident knowing there is a believable 5+5-year warranty that’s really clear.

How do you find the back up and support?
Newcoat are very easy to deal with. Their customer assistance team are so quick to help, and make sure any questions are answered thoroughly.  Once a warranty is registered, Newcoat takes over from there, meaning they stay connected to the customer. 

They regularly survey their customers and use that feedback in real time to make things as easy for the customer as possible - they really believe their product makes a difference to customers.   

They’re friendly and approachable and are happy to talk through any questions – it’s not just a sales pitch from them. Customers are their focus, and they’ll help us any way we need it.  Overall, a great company to deal with.

Would you recommend Newcoat to other dealerships?
Absolutely, I would and I’m happy for any dealerships considering Newcoat to call me.  Newcoat is so easy to apply our groomers love it.  It’s a complete package - one option that makes the decision process easier, and customers don’t feel like we are upselling from a base package. 

It’s nice to deal with a company that is always positive, makes things easy, and they enjoy a good laugh. I’m happy and comfortable selling Newcoat, the customers are pleased, and the Boss is happy.  Can’t get better than that.


Dan can be reached at

Mobile: 021676671
Phone: 03 548 8880






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