5 steps to getting your kids to clean the car after a road trip

You’ve been away, everyone’s had a great time. But then it’s time for car cleaning – one of those chores no kids want to do. They love a clean car and if they’re anything like my kids they’ll deny being the one who made it messy. Our kids are sporty and busy so we have everything from sports gear, clothing, snack boxes, drink bottles, school work in the car – the list goes on.

We’ve found a way to get kids to clean the car and feel like they are doing equal work. This example has two children but can be scaled easily.

You’ll need:

Step one – Emptying the car

Each child takes out everything that belongs to them. Everything goes in their basket.

Each child takes out anything that goes to the kitchen. Everything goes in the kitchen basket.

Each child takes out anything that needs to go to the laundry. Everything goes into the laundry basket – from sweaters to stinky socks.

And the one none of them want to do – taking out the rubbish and recycling. Our kids constantly deny that the rubbish is theirs, so getting them to take everything out of the area in the car they usually sit in. Doesn’t matter if it’s a broken hair tie or a half-eaten apple, if it’s in the car it’s got to go.

Step two – Cleaning the inside

One child does the dusting. It’s easy with Auto+Aid Dashboard Restorer and a microfibre cloth. They then do the seats using either Auto+Aid Leather Conditioner for leather seats or Auto+Aid Interior Cleaner for fabric seats. The other child does the windows and mirror. Auto+Aid Antifog Glass Cleaner and a microfibre cloth and it’s done in minutes.

One child does the vacuuming. The other takes the laundry basket to the laundry and the kitchen basket to the kitchen. This child also empties the rubbish/recycling bin.

Step three – Cleaning the outside

While the vacuuming is still happening inside, the other child sprays the wheels with Auto+Aid Wheel Cleaner, agitating it as necessary and rinsing off. They then dry the wheels with a microfibre cloth. Be sure to have the vacuuming finished before the wheels are rinsed off to avoid having water near the electricity of the vacuum. The vacuum cleaner is put away. Now it’s time to clean the outside of the car.

Many children would have run for the hills at this point, but you can assure them that they only have a few minutes to go. Auto+Aid Waterless Car Wash and a microfibre cloth and they’re off. Such a simple spray and wipe and you don’t have to worry about avoiding the windows – Auto+Aid Waterless Car Wash is designed to be used on windows too.

Step four – Finishing touches

You’re nearly there and the car is looking amazing – almost. Both kids just need fresh microfibre cloth to buff off any excess products. When that’s done, make the tyres look stunning with Auto+Aid Long Life Tyre Dressing – so easy to put on with a tyre gel applicator.

Step five – And we’re done

The last things they need to do is put their microfibre cloths in the laundry, the products in the garage and their baskets in their rooms – to be emptied when bedroom cleaning happens!

Auto+Aid makes car cleaning such a breeze that your children will want to do it on their chore list. As with any chores using chemical products, always supervise your children – sit back, put your feet back and watch them work magic!

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